Reiki Treatments

Having a Reiki treatment is commonly experienced as a deeply relaxing process. The client remains fully clothed and receives Reiki on a treatment table unless a chair-treatment would prove more comfortable. The Reiki energy is received through the gentle laying-on of hands; neither practitioner nor client need exercise any effort of will or concentration for the treatment to be effectively given and received, nor is there engagement in any form of religious or spiritual belief system.

The practitioner treats the whole person, employing a sequence of non-intrusive hand positions covering the head and body, both back and front. Each hand position is held for a few minutes, which allows the Reiki energy to flow specifically through all the major glands, organs and bodily systems. Reiki will always go where it is most needed, treating both the symptom and its underlying cause, whether this be physical, mental or emotional.

Each person experiences a Reiki treatment differently, depending on their individual needs at the time. Some people feel sensations of heat or tingling whilst others can have a physical or emotional reaction; yet others have no physical experience they can identify, yet know that 'something' is happening: that healing is taking place.

Reiki supports each person’s natural ability to move toward profound healing for heart and mind, body and soul.